Only Event Administrators and Guest Managers can create and edit Invitations. See Team Access for more information.

  1. In the event view, select Invitations from the left navigation, and click New Invitation at the bottom of your existing invitations. Alternately, you can select New Invitation from the Event and Guest Controls menu.

    Invitations (highlighted)

  2. Select Send Emails Only.

    New Invitation - Send Emails Only

  3. Setup your email by completing the fields. Select who should receive the invitation. Click Next to continue.

    Invitation Setup Your Email

  4. Design the email invitation message. You can toggle specific elements on/off using the switches on the right side. You can edit any text by simply selecting the text directly in the preview and changing it. Click Next to continue.

    Invitation Customize Your Email

  5. Review the setup of the email. Click the Edit buttons to make any changes if necessary.

    You can receive a preview of the email your guests will receive by entering an email on the Preview line and clicking Send.


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