If you know you will not have internet access on your event day, Diobox’s Offline Mode on iOS enables you to download your complete event with all guest information in advance so it will be available offline.

To enable Offline Mode:

  1. Open the event that will be offline.
  2. From the Event and Guest Controls menu, select Offline Mode.

    Settings - Offline Mode

  3. Toggle the Offline Mode switch to the ON position.

    Offline Mode - Switched On

  4. The status of the event synchronization is displayed in the bottom of this view, as well as the bottom of the Event and Guest Controls menu. When the status says Event Synced, all event information has completed downloading to your device.

    Offline Mode - Sync Complete

    Settings - Offline Mode (Complete)

When your event is over, just re-connect to the internet and your complete event will synced to the Diobox server and be available on the Diobox web app and other devices.

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