Diobox Invitations provide comprehensive tools for managing sending of emails, tracking RSVPs, and creating public RSVP pages for your event.

Creating Invitations is available on the web app.

Only Event Administrators and Guest Managers can create and edit invitations. See Team Access for more information.

Diobox provides three types of invitations, each of which can be completely customized.

Invitation Types

Send Emails and Track RSVPs
You can send mass email invitations and track guest actions (opens, clicks, confirms, declines, and questionnaire responses) using unique embedded links between guests, emails, invitations.

Once invitations are sent, you can track activity in real-time. Since each invitation contains a special link, you can track and confirm deliveries and RSVPs. You can even track whether guests have opened and clicked on their invitation link. RSVPs are private and non-transferrable which prevents any single email invitation from being used more than once, helping you gain control over attendance and headcount.

Learn more about sending emails and tracking RSVPs

Send Emails Only
You can send emails only without RSVPs. This is ideal for events that don’t require a call-to-action, such as:

  • Save-the-Date announcements
  • Reminders
  • Thanks You’s

Learn more about sending emails only

Public RSVP Pages
You also have the option to create a public RSVP page with a static link that anyone can use to register for the event. This is ideal for sharing events on social media to grow your guest database and increase attendance.

Learn more about public RSVP pages

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