If you have more than one event in your account, you can import the guests from one event into another. You can also import only a specific guest list from the event.

Only Event Administrators and Guest Managers can import guests. See Team Access for more information.


To import guests from another Diobox into an event:

  1. Open the destination event (that is, the event to import into).
  2. From the Event and Guest Controls menu, select Import Guests.
  3. Select Diobox Events.

    Import View (Diobox Events)

  4. From the list of events, select the source event (that is, that event that has the contact you want to import). This will show you a list of the guest lists in the source event.

  5. Select the individual guests list(s) you want to import, or select All Guests (the first item) to import all guests from the event.

    Import - Diobox Events - Guest List Selection source

  6. If you want to specify a specific guest list into which the guests should import, tap the CHANGE button and then select the guest list or create a new one. Otherwise, a default is provided.

  7. Tap Import Guests to begin the importing process.

    Import - Diobox Events - Guest List Selection Import

The time to process the import depends on the number of guests you are importing. When the import has completed, the new guests will automatically appear in your event.

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