You can use a standard CSV file to import contacts into the Diobox. This powerful process allows you to map CSV columns in your own file into new or existing fields in Diobox.

Only Event Administrators and Guest Managers can import guests. See Team Management for more information.

To import guests from a CSV file:

  1. Using the Diobox web app, open the destination event (that is, the event to import into).
  2. From the Event and Guest Controls menu, select Import Guests.
  3. For best results, download our template and populate that file with your guest information. Save this file to your computer.

    Import Guests from CSV

  4. Press the Select File button and choose the file on your computer that you prepared. Select the checkbox if the first row of the file contains headers. (If using our template, then it does.)

    Import Guests from CSV - Select File

  5. Press the Next button to show a preview of how the columns match in your file. Review each column to make sure its contents match the header.

    Web CSV Import

  6. You can select to skip importing any columns by clicking on the SKIP button.

    Import Guests from CSV - Skip Column

  7. To change how a column maps, select a different field from the drop down menu.

    Import Guests from CSV - Set Fields

  8. Click Next to select how you want to handle duplicates in your file. You can select to always create a new guest for every row in your import file, or to use the email address of the guest to prevent creating duplicates and merge the data. Merging helps to build guest history across events.

    If you want to specify a specific guest list into which the guests should import, select one from the drop down menu.

    Web Import Guest Merge Selection

  9. Tap Import to begin the importing process.

The time to process the import depends on the number of guests you are importing. When the import has completed, the new guests will automatically appear in your event.

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