Use the pressure-sensing display on your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus for convenient short cuts throughout the app.

Home Screen Quick Actions

Use Quick Actions from the Home screen to jump to recent events.

iOS 3D Touch Quick Actions

Peek and Pop

Use Peek and Pop in various places to preview events, guests (with check-in shortcuts), and guest activities without actually having to open them.


Peek an event to see additional information without loading the full event.

Event Peek

Event Owners can swipe up to clone or delete an event.

Event Peek with Actions


Tap lightly on a guest to Peek.

Guest Peek enabled

A preview of the guest appears without leaving the list of guests.

Guest Peek

Swipe the Peek up to see commonly used check-in actions.

Guest Peek with Actions

Guest Activities

When in the Guest view, light tap on an individual activity to Peek.

Guest Action Peek enabled

A preview of the activity appears. If you want to open it, press a little deeper to Pop into.

Guest Action Peek

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